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I’m about to promote some cookies.

We (my boyfriend and I) didn’t go to New Orleans this weekend, but a bunch of our friends went because one of these friends won the Tennessee Williams prize for fiction. Amy Hempel was the judge.  We would have liked to go but a) money and b) I had a paper and a presentation and a short story to write and another short story to revise and 40 papers to grade in two weeks. Plus, I’m writing a novel.  The paper is on The King and I, though, and I’m kind of excited about it.

So we stayed back and took care of people’s dogs.  I wrote stories and novel sections and watched the King and I and reread Orientalism and took notes. We took four dogs to the dog park.  As part of the pet-care-thank you, someone brought us back a box of these:

They are so, so good.  We devoured all six in two days.  Eating one of these cookies is like eating a slice of pecan pie. Really good pecan pie.  Do they sell these in North-Florida?  If so, I need to know where.


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Nom nom nomelet

I learned how to make an omelet today.  I went extra fancy.

Need:  (I eyeballed all of these, but I’ll try to give measurements)

collard greens–about a 1/4 cup? Chop em up real small

1/4 small white onion: I chopped it so there were small strips of onion, not diced.  Dicing would probably be fine, though.

chives.  As many as you want.  I used about 2 stalks.

goat cheese-two tablespoons?

mushrooms-I used about 10, diced

some cayenne pepper- to taste

some white pepper-small amount–maybe a shake

salt-to taste

honey-let’s say a teaspoon

diced tomato: i like roma tomatoes and used one.


3 eggs per omelet

3 cloves of garlic

butter (I used unsalted).

1. Sautee (as much as you want–enough to make the omelet filling) onion, (I used half a small one),  mushrooms, a little bit of cayenne pepper.  add some salt. drizzle some honey (not too much).

Let the onions caramelize and then add collard greens and

garlic.  When the collards are mostly soft, put all of this aside.


2. In a separate bowl, mix: 3 eggs per omelet, a shake of white pepper (it’s easy to put too much of this), a shake of salt, and a little bit of cream.  Beat together.

Now, make the omelet.  For those who aren’t sure how:

3. put a tablespoon of butter on the skillet and once it bubbles away, add the egg so it blankets it.

wait until you can stick a spatula beneath the egg to put, in the center:

diced tomatoes

goat cheese

your collard/onion mixture



4. when the egg is all the way cooked, fold it over, let it cook like 5 more seconds and slide it on a plate.

Sorry there are no pictures!  This website helped me:



NOTE: I like collards more than spinach, so I use them a lot in this sort of dish.



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Ginger Honey Squash

My parents bought me some yellow squash as a welcome gift (among other things) and today I made this crazy dish that was so delicious, I think the world needs to know about it. I don’t know how much of everything I put in it; it was in a wok so I just kept tasting it till it tasted right. But I know I:

started by mashing chilis and garlic with a mortar and pestle (that’s what the Thais use)
ssautee’d garlic, chilis, and onions in my wok
added the squash
added strips of ginger
squirted honey all over it
added some of that vietnamese chili sauce (I don’t think the chilis i bought are hot enough)
added a little fish sauce
added more ginger
added more honey
turned off the burner
put it in a bowl
dropped some fresh cilantro on top

You might not believe me but I was well pleased. I’m pretty sure all dishes that start with sautee’d onions and garlic turn out okay. And it took about 10 minutes. Maybe 15

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