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This is true.  Netflix is devouring my academic career.  You know the habit’s bad when the thing causing your procrastination is reprimanding your procrastination. That said, it’s hard to believe that another academic has time to make this tumbler site.

The internet: 10

My work: 0


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Today I had my first graduate seminar on Non-Western Rhetorical Traditions. My professor, from China, just won a national award for his research on this subject. He wants to find new ways to read rhetoric from other cultures. I took the class because I want to find a new way to write about other cultures. We are idealistic, but it’s great to approach something believing the answer is waiting for us.

I also met the creative writing faculty and I am just amazed at how generous and warm they are. I am worried a bit about my writing habits but talking to the woman who will teach my first workshop made me confident that I will get back in gear. She had a copy of “Styles”–a lit mag–on her shelf and I showed her where my brother was published in it. A poetry professor was in the office too and he asked if my brother was my twin, and if my whole family was full of writers. The funny thing is, I think my whole family is full of writers, though only a handful write. On the lovely small town walk home, I thought about how nice it would be if my brother was my twin and we were both studying writing here together. He helps me with my writing quite a bit, actually. Anyway, it was a funny wish, way far from reality.

But back to the Non-Western rhetoric class–the professor spoke as if there was a way to approach things from the perspective of a third “other,” other being the ethnographic term for outsider. He suggested that maybe we could find it through grappling with the literature and combining our knowledge–that our discussions would produce this third “other,” give birth to this new perspective. And I couldn’t help but think that as a believer, that is what I’ve been trying to do. I’ve been reaching towards this greater perspective, the one that allows Jesus to speak to the woman at the well and get his feet washed with a prostitute’s perfume. I want to be able to approach this world full of people as if all people are my siblings, and God is our father, and appreciate, no, love the differences because the differences are part of the higher order (kingdom) that is already here, if I’m open to see it.

In Thailand, I didn’t know anything about this university, or what was waiting for me here. I came here by faith, because I didn’t know anything about Thailand either, and Thailand was the perfect place for me at that time. This is faith, to me, trusting whatever is thrust my way will be phenomenal, because God wants me to love and appreciate his phenomenal creation.

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