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I’m about to promote some cookies.

We (my boyfriend and I) didn’t go to New Orleans this weekend, but a bunch of our friends went because one of these friends won the Tennessee Williams prize for fiction. Amy Hempel was the judge.  We would have liked to go but a) money and b) I had a paper and a presentation and a short story to write and another short story to revise and 40 papers to grade in two weeks. Plus, I’m writing a novel.  The paper is on The King and I, though, and I’m kind of excited about it.

So we stayed back and took care of people’s dogs.  I wrote stories and novel sections and watched the King and I and reread Orientalism and took notes. We took four dogs to the dog park.  As part of the pet-care-thank you, someone brought us back a box of these:

They are so, so good.  We devoured all six in two days.  Eating one of these cookies is like eating a slice of pecan pie. Really good pecan pie.  Do they sell these in North-Florida?  If so, I need to know where.


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(Blogs are so self-indulgent.  Please know I know this, as now I’m going to tell you about how I eat.  This is the shit I’ll want to read in like, 10 years, when I’m trying to remember grad school.)

So, every week I make about one meal and then spread it out for the rest of the week.  I know this sounds nuts, but this is grad school.  I also warm up pizzas on other nights, eat cereal for breakfast, usually, with blueberries.  I come home and eat crackers and peanut butter or crackers with brie, or carrots with hummus.  But cooking I only do about once a week because I have no tiempo para nada.

(I’m also writing to you after I’ve returned home from my Spanish lesson. That last sentence may or may not be correct.  I have no idea.)

So, this week I made rice and beans.  That’s right! You thought I was going to say I made something elaborate for my 1 meal per week.  Get real, I’m in grad school.  All my time goes into school and Facebook.

So, this week I made rice and beans.  This is such good food for people in grad school, because you can make a whole tub of it (like I did), and then eat microwaved portions of it whenever.  Really, I just started this post to tell you that, in heating up my last portion, I had this wild idea to stick pineapples in it.

Now, those of you who have been to the tropics know that in non-tropical climates, we don’t really have pineapple.  We have something like pineapple, something the same color, texture and with a hint of pineapple flavor, but it’s not quite pineapple.  This is the stuff I’m talking about that I put in my rice and beans.

And it was so good!  I cut it into bits, threw them on top of my beans and rice, and the (hint of) pineapple flavor soaked over the rice, making a really nice sweet and sour rice dish.  And spicy for me, because I dump dried chilis on my food and then squirt it over with Sriracha sauce.  But you get the picture.

When I left for America, my Thai friend P’G asked what I’d eat when I got here.  He said, “Will you eat steak?”  like that’s all Americans eat.

Steak! Like I have time to make steak.

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Recipe Numero Tres

I started with

the regular onions and garlic

one sliced chili

a couple slivers of ginger

cilantro stems

fried up in a pan

and then I added a can of

Black Beans!

and a dash of sugar

and squirted limes on top.

I ate it

over rice.

(and later, it was great


and scooped up with corn chips.)

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i went a little nuts again.

i cut up a pork chop
two cloves of garlic
a quarter of an onion
and four thai chilis
and fried them in some oil

meanwhile, i boiled
about ten huge green beans
(from the farmers market)
till they were really green.

next I added a dash of cinnamon to the pork
a couple dashes of sugar
a splash of fish sauce
and cooked the meat in that

and i put the beans on top
and had a stir fry
and put it all on rice

it’s spicy
a little cinnamony
but not much

it tastes good.

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that I tend to douse everything with lime juice and sprinkle it with chili flakes. Even to my tuna/miracle whip did I say, “This needs more lime.”

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Ginger Honey Squash

My parents bought me some yellow squash as a welcome gift (among other things) and today I made this crazy dish that was so delicious, I think the world needs to know about it. I don’t know how much of everything I put in it; it was in a wok so I just kept tasting it till it tasted right. But I know I:

started by mashing chilis and garlic with a mortar and pestle (that’s what the Thais use)
ssautee’d garlic, chilis, and onions in my wok
added the squash
added strips of ginger
squirted honey all over it
added some of that vietnamese chili sauce (I don’t think the chilis i bought are hot enough)
added a little fish sauce
added more ginger
added more honey
turned off the burner
put it in a bowl
dropped some fresh cilantro on top

You might not believe me but I was well pleased. I’m pretty sure all dishes that start with sautee’d onions and garlic turn out okay. And it took about 10 minutes. Maybe 15

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… you never know when you’ll eat again.”

~Rahul’s grandmother

(I just wanted to document that quote before I forgot it)

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